Estate Sale ~ Tips and Pointers


Top Ten Reasons to Choose to do an Estate Sale

1. It is a personal way to liquidate assets, and a sale can be public or private.

2. Items sell for more at an Estate Sale, rather than a garage sale.

3. Control over pricing. You can keep items unless they sell for a certain price.

4. Liquidating an estate makes it easier to distribute to heirs or a trust.

5. Treasured items go home with a new owner who will continue to treasure it or give it as a gift. A way of recycling treasures.

6. Your items stay clean and dry and are displayed as they would be in an antique shop, on tablecloth covered table, and priced to sell.

7. Like an Open House, buyers can come and go at their convenience on the days of the sale. No need to wait.

8. All items that have value will sell. What does not sell, can be donated to charity for a tax deduction or kept.

9. An estate sale can be a personable gathering for family and friends to visit, share memories and buy a memento.

10. Selling etate items pay the estate sale company by a percentage of what is sold. No pricey ads or  hauling fees. Free internet advertising on Estate Sale websites with a following/email list of customers who attend the estate sales.

How to prepare for my visit

1. Do not throw away anything until after my visit. No need to clean or straighten anything, I will help you determine what is trash or treasure and what to clean. I will help you with the best use of your time.
2. You do not have to do anything, actually, just sit back and wait for me to arrive. It is that simple and it will not cost you anything. It is a free consultation for me to come and advise you of what you have and how it can be sold. There are three ways to liquidate. Estate Sale, Consignment or Online Sales. I do all three.
3. If you must do something, box up personal papers, mail and tax information. Box up personal wear clothing.

What sells and what are the advantages of an Estate Sale

Everything sells at an estate sale, so there is no need to get rid of anything until after the sale. This way you are not trying to determine what is sellable and what is not. Let the buyer determine on the days of the sale what is sellable and what buyers are looking for. Because of the economy, estate and moving sales are one of the best ways to liquidate assets or size down. People are looking for better made items and good items at a great price. Dealers are looking for items to resell. Everyone who comes to estate sales are looking for something different and you may have it.

A new type of estate sale is the Living Estate Sale. This sale is for those parents who have accumulated a lifetime of treasured items and some of their children’s items from living in the same home for a long time. Many parents are doing this right before or right at retirement age. They are taking charge of their lives and getting rid of this burden for their children. We all have too much. It is the American way, yet we are realizing in the current economy that less is more. What is important is what you can live without, rather than what you can live with. Living with less can be very freeing and will simplify your life. Today’s society is learning that our ancestors did a lot of things right with consuming less. Your children may tell you it is ok, but can you remember or think of how it would feel to sell your parents life long treasures after they have passed or when they move to assisted living. This is one of the fastest growing trends with those approaching retirement, and we are retiring later in life. It is definitely something to think about.

Choose what you want to keep

The most important thing is what does the family want to keep? What, realistically, will you use? Take those things out of the house or place them in a separate room that can be locked. At estate sales, buyers seem to focus on the items that are not for sale. The best thing is to remove these items from the sale area or home itself, unless you need to know that value of items before you decide who to give them to. One suggestion is to draw names and let family members take turns. This gives everyone a fair chance. Another idea is to sell items to each family member at a discounted rate. This way, the estate earns money and it is fair to all those involved, especially the heirs since some items are worth more than others. I can help you with all these matters, especially pricing and value.

A Word about Storage

With the current TV shows such as “Storage Wars”, I can’t help to think about all the millions of dollars that have been paid to hold a storage pod or room full of belongings that people ended up living without. Do you really want to pay someone to house items you don’t need? In my opinion, storage is a 2-6 month temporary place for items you will use in the near future. Anything past that, should be sold.


Very Knowledgeable.

My daughter was in Firehouse Antiques and noticed all the vintage Christmas for sale. She invited Cindy to call me and she did so promptly. I invited her to my storage building. Cindy sorted through what we knew nothing about and paid us a fair price for our items. It was nice to deal with

Organized the Estate Sale

Jeff and Cindy organized an estate sale for the contents of my parents’ home, Virgil and Margie Jean Angermeier. Jeff and Cindy were very knowledgeable about some of the more unusual antique items and managed the sale, with integrity, and in a very professional manner. They worked very hard in preparing for the estate sale,

She Does It All!

If you are cleaning out cabinets and closets to free up space, I recommend calling Cindy to come look at your things. She does an excellent job – picking up, displaying in her shop and selling. – Paula Murray, Wadesville, IN

Cindy Sold Our Items!

Thanks to the help of Firehouse Antiques cleaning out my mother’s three generation, three story house became a manageable task. As Cindy walked through the house she pointed out items of value and options for marketing them. She also pointed items that were best donated or discarded. She was efficient and organized as a business

A Joy to Work with.

It’s been a pleasure working with Cindy and her “crew!” They were so helpful and she was a joy to work with. I would recommend Cindy for estate sales and look forward to working with her for future vintage and antique item sales. – Ronnie Ellis, Poseyville, Indiana

Damm Theatre & Family Estate Sale

Great Job! I hired Cindy to do what I thought was the impossible and she did not disappoint me or my family. Cindy and her crew brought over 100 years of family history to the public. She made exhaustive trips, worked tirelessly at our home and online.  When it came time for the sale, she

She is a 10+

Recently, I was appointed executrix over my late Aunt’s estate.  I was so overwhelmed when I visited her home and found it was in horrible shape and she had become a hoarder before her death.  After lots of analyzing what road I should take to reach my goal of liquidating the estate and making the

Great Job!

Having worked with Cindy we found her to be very knowledgeable, fair, helpful and cooperative . She has a good business and knows what antiques will sell well in our area. With out reservation we would work with Cindy at Firehouse Antiques again and we would recommend her to others as well. – Paula &

Very Pleased!

I have consigned several antiques and collectibles with Jeff and Cindy Smotherman. I am very pleased and recommend that if you have antiques or collectibles to sell, that you call them.  New Harmony Resident. – Velma Hein, New Harmony, IN

Estate Sales

Estate Sales in New Harmony and Southern Indiana

Cindy Smotherman is an experienced Estate Sales agent located in New Harmony, Indiana. Cindy offers her expertise services to property owners who would like to have their antiques appraised to sell. Contact Cindy today at 812-682-4811 for complete details.

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